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Over the last couple years there’s been a real trend towards polished concrete floors in residential settings and not just existing basement floors. Many home builders are now specifying polished concrete floors throughout the main floors of a house. Many newer condominiums are also using polished concrete as the finis…

Use these products to maintain the natural shine of your stone countertop: Concentrated neutral PH soap purchased at a janitorial store or reputable stone tile supplier. Palmolive dish soap can also be used for day to day cleaning Green kitchen scrubby to thoroughly clean counter tops, particularly kitchen counters. So…

Follow these 5 easy tips to keep your natural stone floors looking brilliant! Floor mats with rubber backing for entrances and high traffic areas in the kitchen. Soft hair vacuum attachment for regular vacuuming to remove pebbles from shoes and other sharp small objects that can scratch a marble or limestone floor when…

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