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Hotel / Condo Lobby Maintenance

marble-polishingWhile many of the principles of stone refinishing can be used in each setting – large or small – each presents itself with challenges.

Maintenance and restoration of condo or hotel lobbies is no different.

Coordination, flexibility, timing and experience are all needed for things to be done as smoothly as possible with little to no disruption in daily activities. We are proud to have worked in some of the most prestigious buildings in the GTA.

The industry standard in sealing is a high-grade impregnating sealer. While this does a fine job, it simply is not good enough for high traffic areas. For commercial settings we use a crystallizing process that chemically hardens the stone and protects the pores. The hardened stone is more resilient to foot traffic and scratches while still protecting against spills and accidents.

Once a building has been refinished we monitor the stone with just a few maintenance sessions each year. This way we can ensure the area is kept pristine and naturally beautiful.

Although we may be in a large commercial setting we work as though we are in your home, from our friendly service with tenants to our flexibility and cooperation with building management and security. We are happy to work alongside you and your team.

We take great pride in our work; we look forward to meeting you and helping with all of your stone solutions.

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