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Concrete Polishing

Polished Concrete Warehouse Floor

Concrete Polishing by Verona Stone
We can add a very unique and rustic yet modern look to any home, condo or office!

When finished properly, a durable and easy-to-live-with concrete finish is created and will shine for years. With staining and other finishes, we’re able to alter existing concrete for a customized, tailored look.

What is Verona’s Concrete Polishing Process?

  1. Grinding existing concrete floors using lower grit diamond discs to expose the aggregate within.
  2. Step-by-step, newly exposed aggregate is honed and brought up to a naturally polished finish.
  3. In the midst of honing, a densifier is added to seal the concrete and make it resistant to staining, wear and dust.


Residential Polished Floor Benefits:

Polished Concrete SampleCommercial and Retail Polished Floor Benefits:

Verona Stone’s Concrete Services

Concrete Grinding & Scarifying:

Removes grime, paint, epoxy or other topical surfaces to prepare a floor for polishing or for another type of floor to be installed on top.

Concrete Grinding & Polishing:

Removes top layer of the concrete to expose the aggregate (stones) within. Floor is then brought up to a natural polish and sealed to provide a long lasting and beautiful surface.

Polished Concrete Options

Polished Concrete - Finer Aggregate

Fine Aggregate Exposure

Polished Concrete - Larger Aggregate

Large Aggregate Exposure

Concrete Cleaning & Densification:

Heavy scrub of existing concrete surface using commercial scrubbing pads and descaling solution. Then a densifier is applied which penetrates into the concrete to seal it and make it resistant to dust accumulation.

Custom Concrete Staining:

We apply water or acid based dyes to achieve a very unique and custom look to your existing concrete floor. Can even used stencils to stain your companies logo into a slab of concrete. Use your imagination and let us turn a plain slab of concrete into something beautiful and unique.

Tape Layout For Concrete Staining

Concrete Stain Pattern

Custom Concrete Stain Using Water Wased Dye

Final Stained Concrete

Garage Floor Polishing:

Let us turn that dusty and dirty garage floor into a beautiful polished floor that will resist dust accumulation and grime. Add in a coloured dye for a custom look!

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